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Retail Untapped (April 14, 2020): What Does a Post-COVID World Look Like for the Beer, Wine & Spirits Industry?

How will this crisis shape our industry in the long-run, when all returns to "normal"? (Click Here for full article)

Retail Untapped (April 7, 2020):

This week, we take a look at a few industry developments that are likely to persist in a post-COVID world. Will beverage alcohol e-commerce stay strong? Will premiumization die down? What could the industry look like once the storm has passed? Read on for more, and well wishes to all of our partners and subscribers!

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Retail Untapped (August 20, 2019): The Athletic Brewing Revolution

“Pioneering a revolution in non-alcoholic craft beer.” That’s the promise of Athletic Brewing Company, which has been at the forefront of the non-alcoholic craft beer space for the last couple years — and, more broadly, the entire low-to-no alcohol movement, which is sweeping across beer, wine and spirits. In this episode, we sit down with Founder, Bill Shufelt, to discuss the personal and economic motivations at the heart of launching Athletic.

Retail Untapped (July 23, 2019): Why Canned Spirits Are Here to Stay

What’s motivating today’s shoppers to reach for cans — canned wine, canned spirits, canned cocktails? We dig into the perks of this packaging — and the mindset of the consumer — in our latest episode, featuring Long Drink co-founder, Sakari Manninen (part 2).

Retail Untapped (July 9, 2019): How The Long Drink Company is Shaking Up Spirits

“Long Drink” is its own category of top-selling booze in Finland. Now, for the first time, Co-Founder Sakari Manninen and his team are canning this “grapefruit soda with a liquor kick” and bringing it to the States, where they’ve been met with huge success. We talk about what it takes to launch a new drinks company in today’s beer, wine and spirits market, and discuss what shoppers are looking for in 2019.

Retail Untapped Ep. 28: Whiskey Expert, Ryan Maloney, on Trending Spirits

Julio’s Liquors in Westborough, MA is one of the most progressive independent liquor stores in the country – and one of 3×3 Insights’ earliest retail partners. We sit down with owner and industry expert, Ryan Maloney, to hear his insights on trending categories, retail strategies, and advice for other owners.

Retail Untapped Ep. 18: Gin Brand Breakdown

Spring is here so it’s time to break out the gin and tonics. In the latest episode, we take a look at trending brands, popular bottle sizes, and the price points driving dollar sales to help you prepare for the season.

Retail Untapped Ep. 15: High-End Brand Baskets

What are the most popular high-end Tequilas and Whiskeys? And what else do their customers tend to buy? We take a look inside luxury liquor baskets in the latest Retail Untapped.

Retail Untapped Ep. 12: Top-Performing Brands this Holiday Season

Beer, wine and spirit sales skyrocket during the holidays. But which bottles and brands performed the best this season? In the latest episode, we track sales across categories to show you what’s trending as 2019 takes off.

Retail Untapped Ep. 7 Pt. 2: Mass Pack Director, Rob Mellion, on How Retailers Can Become Problem Solvers

How can independent beverage alcohol retailers gain an edge over mega-stores? We dive into marketing & merchandising strategies in part 2 of our interview with Rob Mellion, the Executive Director of the Massachusetts Package Store Association. At the end our conversation, Rob gives one last piece of advice for liquor store owners!

Retail Untapped Ep. 7 Pt. 1: Rob Mellion, Mass Pack Director, Talks about Beverage Alcohol Analytics and Adaptation

We were excited to sit down with Rob, the Executive Director of the Massachusetts Package Store Association, for Ep. 7 of Retail Untapped. As a trusted resource and representative for thousands of independent owners across MA, Rob has developed some serious industry wisdom. You don't want to miss this unique perspective on the crucial issues confronting not only MA retailers, but also retailers across the country.

Retail Untapped Ep. 6: 3x3 Founder Mitch Berkoff on Forward-Thinking Retailers & Embracing Change

Retail Untapped Ep. 5: Retail Roundup!

Retail Untapped Ep. 4: The Importance of Basket Analysis

Retail Untapped Ep. 3: The Digital Transformation of Alcohol Retail

Tune in at every other week for untapped news happening throughout the independent retail alcohol channel, or visit to learn how we can help you transform your business.

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Black Friday Tips for Alcohol Retailers
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How Liquor Retailers Can Make the Most of OND Part 2
The busiest and most prosperous quarter for bev/alc sales is officially upon us: OND (October-November-December) -- the time when the largest portion of alcohol sales take place. In part 2, we discuss upping your loyalty program and personalized communication game. (click to read article)

“Leveraging Consumer-Focused Analytics to Drive Sales”
Instead of trying to get by using the same old depletion data you've been stuck with, shift the focus of your data collection and analytics efforts to the shopper's perspective - what they're buying and when they're buying it. (click to read article)

4 Digital Marketing Tips to Drive Customer Engagement
Digital is an invaluable channel you'll need to master in order to survive & thrive in the beverage alcohol industry. It's crucial that you keep these 4 tips in mind as you're building out the digital marketing arm of your business. (click here to read)

How Liquor Retailers Can Beat Out Amazon and Total Wine
There's no question that ecommerce giants like Amazon and Total Wine are breaking into the alcohol sales industry and encroaching on local liquor retailers’ turf. But there are plenty of ways local shops can not only compete with warehouses sites, but also gain the upper hand over them. (click here to read)

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3x3 Insights champions the independent beverage alcohol channel. We deliver critical insights to retailers, suppliers and distributors to better understand consumer behavior, product dynamics and customer engagement.

Recent Article Summary: How Liquor Laws are Changing State-to-State

As we wait to hear the Supreme Court decision that could change the way liquor retail functions across the country, states are beginning to take some matters into their own hands. Over the past few weeks, a number of states -- likely feeling the pressure of shifting consumer preferences -- have started to make moves toward changing their laws. (click to read article)



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