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    (link to article from WBUR with audio)

    Liquor stores say they have cleared a key hurdle to launching a ballot measure aimed at countering efforts by big chains to eliminate limits on the number of stores that can sell alcohol in Massachusetts.

    The Massachusetts Package Stores Association says it has gathered far more than the roughly 80,000 signatures needed by Dec. 1 to put a question on next year's ballot. The group's proposed measure would gradually double the number of licenses a single company could own in the state to 18, instead of removing the caps altogether. And only seven of those permits would be good for hard liquor.

    The package store trade association says the limits are needed to protect small local stores from major grocery and pharmacy chains.

    "They can't compete in that type of a marketplace where you've got these super companies that are discounting through cumulative quantity purchasing," said Rob Mellion, executive director of the package stores association. "You can't compete against that as a mom and pop."

    The ballot measure is intended to block efforts by Cumberland Farms and other chains to eliminate the license caps entirely.

    "The best thing to do is just to take the caps off, period," said Jon Hurst, president of the Retailers Association of Massachusetts. "Leave some local controls but just allow the marketplace to work and determine who is serving the consumer the best."

    The proposed ballot measure also would change how the state calculates fines for violations, such as selling to underage drinkers. Grocers and convenience stores would pay much heftier penalties if voters or lawmakers approve the measure.

    Mellion, the package association executive director, said the group already has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to support the measure, though financial reports are not yet available from the Massachusetts Office of Campaign and Political Finance. Major retailers are expected to spend money to oppose the measure.

    Next year's ballot also could include other notable questions, including a petition to solidify the status of drivers for Uber and other app-based companies as independent contractors, rather than employees.

    Organizers must file at least 80,239 valid signatures with the secretary of state's office by Dec. 1 to move the ballot measures forward. The Legislature will first have the opportunity to turn the measures into law. And if lawmakers fail to act, organizations must submit an additional 13,374 signatures by July 6 to place the questions on the state ballot in November 2022.

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    Dear MPSA members,

    Your advocacy has helped ensure that on June 15th Cocktails to Go may likely end with the sunset of the State of Emergency Orders. Thanks to you, the strong push by the Restaurant Association and their supporters to adopt Amendments 114, 758 and 770 to the State Budget was stopped. I want to offer you my sincere gratitude and thanks. We did it together.

    Unfortunately, the issue will be front and center again next week through the recent introduction of S2452 - An Act to temporarily extend certain measures adopted in the state of emergency.

    Testimony on S2452 will be accepted by the Senate Committee on Ways and Means until 12:00 PM on Tuesday, June 1st. There is no language in S2452 about extending or making prominent Cocktails to Go provisions, but proponents for deregulation are already preparing for another push to add amendments to this omnibus Covid relief bill.

    Please know that MPSA is working around the clock to stop further disruption within the retail space of the alcohol beverages industry. Our outreach concerning the omnibus bill has already started.

    Therefore, MPSA may be calling for your help again to stop this unnecessary push by on premises licensees to retail off premises through extending Cocktails to Go.

    Strength in Unity,

    Ryan Maloney, President of MPSA

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    The Massachusetts Package Stores Association sent to every Senator important testimony explaining that Amendments #114, #758 and #770 to the State Budget need to be removed so that there can be a proper and OPEN hearing on Cocktails to Go through S247. The Senate could start voting on these amendments this Tuesday.

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    The push is on for the State Senate to deregulate the retail of alcohol by adopting amendments to the state budget that extend or make permanent the emergency provisions allowing for Cocktails to Go. Local retailers of beer, wine and spirits are not getting an opportunity to offer why they OPPOSE these behind closed doors efforts that rewrite public safety laws. Therefore, on the May 21st airing of the Beer, Wine and Spirit’s Show Ryan Maloney, President of MPSA discusses with Rob Mellion about why the amendment process to a big bill is not the proper venue and that there needs to be an open and public hearing about Cocktails to Go.


    Hear entire airing of the Beer, Wine & Spirits Show with the link provided below.



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    As a Massachusetts employer, you likely have responsibilities under the Paid Family and Medical Leave (PFML) law. Learn more about those responsibilities.

    Employer's guide to paid family and medical leave | Mass.gov

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